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In desperation, I moved the modem to a -relatively- clean machine using XP Pro rather than XP Home, and installed 10.03. The faxing from Word XP is OK now, and so is manual attachments to a new fax.

One the original issues that caused the upgrade is still there though. In my MS Access application, I create fax attachments using the MakeAttachment method, specifying the filename and directory (using an MS Access report I have to use SetPrintfromApp(1), but the file no longer appears, but a the file (under a temp name) does appear in the WinFax data directory.

Go figure. I would be most interested to know why the code and WinFax stopped behaving, and *really* need to know why the api call has stopped functioning… but that’s for the SDK forum where I see that others are having a similar problem.

I reverted the WinFax install to 10.0 and everything works fine!

Now the question is whether to whether to apply SP2 (currently SP1) or let the autoupdate feature take hold…