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@maldonado wrote:

How do you add an additional fax modem to your computer? Keep in mind I am computer illiterate. THANKS!!


Adding a 2nd fax modem is the same as adding any additional device to your PC. Depending on the type of fax modem (external type vs. internal type) the instructions would vary.

External fax modems are simple to install providing you already have a free/unused “serial” port on your PC. (There are USB plug-in type modems, but we don’t recommend those with WinFax)
In most cases , you plug it in to a COM1 or COM2 serial port and it will work. (Providing your existing modem isn’t using the same com port)

Adding an internal modem is a little more complicated, since you need to make sure it doesn’ t conflict with your existing fax modem. This would involve determining what your existing modem is configured as, and changing the “jumpers” or installation settings on the new modem to a different setting so it doesn’t conflict.

This isn’t something you would install yourself if you are not familiar with the inner workings of your computer. I would recommend getting a 2nd modem installed professionally if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.