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First off, Win FAX would not let me reinstall without uninstalling. I couldn’t uninstall because I was getting an error msg about a unable to find some wfx????.??? file. I went to Symantec knowledge base and lo and behold they had a fix that involved dowloading some zip file SYMCLR or something like that. It worked!
I did uninstall and resinstall Winfax.
Before doing so I did a back up which created a .wfa file. I was hoping not to use the backup since whatever was causing my problem may be a setting that ends up in the back up. So I made a complete copy of the DATA file to a CD. This has all my phonebooks, and sent and recd faxes it it.
Well after reinstalling, all my phone books and faxes appeared anyhow. Apparently, the uninstall didn’t eliminat those files.
Furthermore, the problem still exists.

The probem is, no matter what windows application I open, Word, Excell, Peachtree Acctg, Adobe Acrobat, Netscape, if I go to File:Print and select the Win FAX driver, the little printer icon appears in my tray, Win FAX opens the Send dialog box but the file I am trying to send never appears. The only way Win FAX will send a fax is if I create it on the Win FAX cover page that appears in the Send Dialog.