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@Mark600 wrote:

Well, I followed what you suggested. Closed Win FAX and the controller. Went to ProgramFiles/Winfax/insprint.exe. When I double clicked on it, nothing happened. did it again.
Now a tiny box opened with Retry??? There were two buttons, retry and cancel. I hit retry. The box went away and came back about five times.

I restarted and still nothing will print to win fax. When I print from any windows ap, the Send dialog box is spawned but on ly the cover sheet appears, not my Word/Excell/Adobe/Peachtree file.

Its driving me nuts.
Any other ideas

Is your Printer Spooler started in your Control Panel , Administrative Tools, Component Services?

In your WINDOWS directory (or WINNT) directory check for a file called WFXINST.LOG and post the contents here
This file contains a copy of your install log and may show and possible errors/problems creating the printer driver.