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Under Control panel/adminstrative services/component services. For the Print Spooler it shows STARTED Startup type AUTOMATIC.

Here is the WFX install log. You can see I just reinstalled it
10-12-2005 15:38:16
Found Windows NT 4.0 or later.
Installing PRO version.
CheckPID returned 1.
HandleRunningWinFax returned 1.
Unable to load C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL.
User Name: Mark Surksr
User Company:
Selected target directory:C:Program FilesWinFax
Selected Cover page directory:C:Program FilesWinFaxCover
Selected Fax/Data directory:C:Program FilesWinFaxData
Program Group: Symantec WinFax PRO
Add Shortcut to Windows Deskop: Yes
Components selected to be installed:
[Program Files]
[Communications Devices]
Message Sharing
Concord Internet Fax
[Optical Character Recognition]
[Cover Your Fax Cover Pages]
CYF – Business
CYF – Personal
CYF – Cartoon
[External Phonebooks]
ACT! Support
GoldMine Support
Lotus Organizer Support
ODBC Support
Outlook Express & Outlook Support
[Pager Notification]
Created keys:DelrinaWinFax7.0
Initialized uninstall log fileC:Program FilesWinFaxWFXUNIST.ISU
Created per app path key FAXMNG32.EXE with Path C:Program FilesWinFax
Starting file transfer
Finished file transfer
Loaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
Installing Printer Driver…
Unloaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
COMCAT.DLL is present.
Deleted DCOM95.EXE
COMCTL32.DLL has already been updated. (Version is 5.82.2900.2180.)
Deleted 40COMUPD.EXE
Successfully self-registered files.
Loaded C:Program FilesWinFaxWFCATREG.DLL
CreateWfxDeviceSetupCats() returned 0
Unloaded C:Program FilesWinFaxWFCATREG.DLL
Ran D:WinFax..SupportLUpdateLUSETUP.EXE /s /a /q
End of LiveUpdate install.
Ran D:WinFax..SupportLiveRegLRSETUP.EXE -s
End of LiveAdvisor install.
Attempting to runC:Program FilesWinFaxSMLUPGRD.EXE
Ran C:Program FilesWinFaxSMLUPGRD.EXE
Deleted C:Program FilesWinFaxSMLUPGRD.EXE
Loaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
Unloaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
Loaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
Cleaning up shortcuts.
Unloaded C:Program FilesWinFaxISUTIL.DLL
Setting current directory to C:Program FilesWinFax
Attempting to launch C:PROGRA~1WinFaxWTNSETUP.EXE /LC_OFF