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no need. I try and come to find to fix the problem…. there is no longer above warning now.

I managed to fine-tune all details of the modem (both sending, receipt for suffix or prefix input…tick or not tick two modems that I am working at)…which is great…..Thks u all for your support….

But then come another warning. When I come to pull down the menu under prefix or suffix of sending-modems, there appear the error “A General Protection Fault/Exception has occured.”………I just wanna to know what is the cause of it….(i wonder it must be related to the power failure and multiple user which is missing after power failure)…I also wanna know if this “”A General Protection Fault/Exception has occured.” error might implies other potential errors in the future? If no potential errors is forseen, we will live with it for the moment….

😎 😎 (anyway I have fixed the fine-tuning of sending and receiving modems; thks anyway):)