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@techneal wrote:

Maybe I’m a little late to the party, but I had no need to upgrade to 10.03 until I migrated from an Athlon XP to an Athlon 64 system. I had the typical freeze/nonresponsive Outlook & WinFax problems, and even without the address book link, I had to uninstall it because it made my system unstable. I contacted Symantec tech support, who asked me to send them a screenshot of the registrered program. After two support emails, they sent me an ftp site with a username and password. No mailing costs, no wait, it looks like the full program in a 77,424,044 byte file. I’m off to install it.

I think they’ll do this for most any registred user, so please don’t ask me to post the login and password. Sorry!

This program is like most any other out there-it’s not perfect, and I don’t much care for Symantec. It does let me print from several programs to one open fax document, and I can even send the whole fax out on a network printer @ 33.6 for faster results.

The problem is Symantec never developed a 10.03 (update patch) like they did for all the other versions. LiveUpdate is there for a reason, and unfortunately, they decided that they didn’t need to release a LiveUpdate compatible update for WinFax.

I’m assuming that the costs/time to ship out all those 10.03 versions for those people now wanting to update to 10.04 (for Fax Sharing under XP) has caused Symantec to allow downloading of the entire WinFax PRO 10.03 install.

As for the Outlook problems with WinFax, as long as you remove the Outlook integration in WinFax and in Outlook, you should not have any problems with Outlook crashing. The problem is caused by the logs being integrated within Outlook.
I don’t know if WinFax PRO 10.03 corrects these errors.