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@Coolpix wrote:

By the way, I tried to install/uninstall couple of times. And also tried to install in different options. It was just not working for me.

The funny thing is, even when I login as administrators, I have to start the controller before using WinFax. Which is not necessary for WinFax 10.0. I am using WinXP + Office 2003, so I have to upgrade to 10.03. This issue is mentioned in Symantec support site, and addressed as a known problem to be solved.

Anyway, thank you all for helping.

actually the controller is always started if you start WinFax Message Manager.

You can start the Controller first, and then start the Message manager (WinFax User Interface) but if you start just the Message Manager, the Controller will always start first.

Are you using Fast User Switching? I believe that is incompatible with WinFax

Do you have a link for the documented problem on Symantec’s site?