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This is a problem with the fax modem and WinFax. WinFax will answer all calls, regardless if they are fax or voice calls. However, once it determines the call isn’t a fax call it should hang up the line within 90 seconds in all cases. If something fails while WinFax is communicating with the modem, the line can stay open for long periods of time until you manually reset your modem.

What type of fax modem are you using? This problem can occur for a number of different reasons like:

– incompatible modem with WinFax
– software based modem (usually cause problems) like WinModem’s
– problem with hardware setup, conflict with another device on the system.
– configuration problem in WinFax. (Class 1 instead of Class 2) etc.

Here are some suggestions without knowing what type of fax modem you have…