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@justinet wrote:

Thanks – have tried your suggestions with the same negotiation error. I don’t have high speed DSL and my current initialization string is:

Line 1: AT&F&D2&C1&H1S7=55
Line 2: ATS36=0
Flow Control: AT&H1

Any other suggestions? I would use MS fax however I need the facility to print the sent faxes log which I can’t do with this programme (at least I can’t figure out a way to do it).

Those settings are specfiic to a US Robotics type fax modem. Is the aztec modem using US Robotics firmware?

In Windows, open Phone and Modem options from Control Panel, select Modems, then properties, diagnostics, query modem. This will give you ATI3 , ATI4 command responses. Post the results here.