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@1water wrote:

Thanks for your response.
But I think still I have a problem.I use backup/restore in program setup in windows 2000 professional.
And I transfer the backup to Windows XP professional,but computer says sths like,because of the setting change,only the minimum change will be made.
I found nothing but a few attachment files in Windows xp .
I even want to back up separately,that is,by phone book,data,cover,log,sent mail….
but have no idea …
Could you tell me some more details on how to back up the complete stuff on my winfax on windows 2000 ?

Thanks a lot .


Is the Windows 2000 computer and the Windows XP computer both connected to a network so you can share files?

If so, just install WinFax PRO 10.02 on the WIndows XP computer, then copy the entire “DATA” directory from the Windows 2000 machine to the new machine overwriting the existing (newly installed) DATA directory on the Windows XP machine.

The data directory is usually “C:PROGRAM FILESSYMANTECWINFAXDATA”


then start up WinFax PRO 10.02 on the Windows XP computer and verify all the information has been moved over.

Some phonebooks and logs may have to be manually added by choosing “File, New…” and selecting “Use existing WinFax PRO ” file.