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Here is a list of the error codes for WinFax

There are several Phases in a normal fax transmission:

Phase A – Establish call (Send and receive Station identifiers, the CSID numbers)

Phase B – Pre-message procedure (determine fax capabilities, set baud rate, etc.)
Phase C – Fax transmisstion
Phase D – Post-message procedure (Message confirmation, End of Page, or multiple signals)

Phase E – Call release(connection closed, send result codes (good or bad)

Each of phase B, C, & D is repeated for each fax page sent.

Call Placement & Termination
0 : Normal and proper end of connection
1 : Ring detect without successful handshake
2 : Call aborted from +FK (terminate fax session)
(Caller aborts fax)
3 : No loop current
4 : Phone Line Busy
5 : No dial tone, or no modem response.
(check that modem is on and connected to wall jack)
8 : Modem error while setting up call
(Modem problem or bad init string)

Transmit Phase A (Codes 10-19)
10: :Unspecified phase A error
( remote station did not answer the call)
11: :No answer
( remote station did not answer the call)

Transmit Phase B (Codes 20-29)
20: :Unspecified phase B error
21: :Remote cannot receive or send
(out of paper, or disk space?)
22: :Command received error in transmit phase B
23: :Invalid command received

24: :Response received error
25: :DCS (Digital Command Signal) sent 3x without response
26: :DTC received 3x and not recognized
27: :Failure to train
(Can not agree of transmit speeds, etc.)
28: :Invalid response received

Transmit Phase C (Codes 40-49)
40: :Unspecified phase C error
(User abort?)
43: :DTE to DCE data underflow
(Processor may be over loaded, UART buffer error)

Transmit Phase D (Codes 50-69)
50: :Unspecified phase D error
51: :Response received error
52: :No response to MPS (Multi-Page Signal)
53: :Invalid response to MPS
54: :No response to EOP (End of Page) repeated 3x
55: :Invalid response to EOP

56: :No response to EOM (End of message)
57: :Invalid response to EOM
58: :Protocol error

Receive Phase B (Codes 70-89)
70: :Modem error setting modem data rate
71: :invalid Response received
72: :Command received error
73: :Timed out. Page not received
74: :timed out after End of Message received

Receieve Phase C (Codes 90-99)
90: :Unable to write to disk

Receive Phase D (Codes 100-119)
100: :invalid Response received
102: :invalid Response received
103: :Protocol error

Codes 120-255 are reserved codes.