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Here is how to restore Logs with WinFax PRO 8.0x

You want to know how to use a WinFax PRO message store effectively. Alternatively, you may need to restore your logs or message stores from a backup.


A message store is a virtual filing cabinet in which you can store fax, email and voice message events. The most common use for message stores is to archive old faxes, but it can also be used to read events stored on another computer or to organize your own events.

message stores are a great way to backup and organize your events. You can store fax events in one message store, BFT events in another, and voice events in a third. You can even create folders within each message store to further categorize your data.

Creating a Message Store

Start WinFax PRO.
Choose Receive Log from the Window menu. The Logs window appears.
Click File, point to New and choose Message Store. The New Message Store dialog box appears.
Type a name for your message store in the Name field.
Click Advanced.
Click Set Location if you wish to place your message store on another drive. This is especially useful if you are low on disk space on the default drive.
If you wish to use this message store to archive your events, you may wish to leave the default option “Compress Fax Images” checked. If not, you should uncheck it.
If you intend to read event information from another computer on the network, check “Use Existing”. Click Select to find the folder on the network which contains the message store you wish to read.
Click OK to create the message store.

You must be using a mapped drive letter if you wish to access information located on another computer on the network. You must also have at least Read access rights to this mapped drive.
You cannot link to STATUS.WFB as this is the default WinFax message store.

Importing Events Into a Message Store

To import faxes from WinFax PRO 4.0 or WinFax PRO 7.x/8.x:

Create a message store. Remember to uncheck “Compress Fax Images” from the Advanced Tab.
Make sure the message store is highlighted and choose Import from the File menu.
Choose the correct product version from the Format drop-down list.
Click Select and find the message store you wish to import. Select a *.FTM file for WinFax PRO 4.0 or a *.WFB file for WinFax PRO 7.x/8.x.
Click OK to start the import process.

If you are trying to reimport your Default logs from backup, (Send Log, Receive Log and Outbox), select the STATUS.WFB file in Step 4 above, from the backup folder. (WinFax PRO 8.0 only.)
To avoid confusion, it is recommended that you create a separate message store for each import.
You cannot import Logs from DosFax or WinFax 2.x

Using a WinFax Message Store

It is a good idea to use new message stores to archive your older fax, email, BFT and voice events.
If your logs contain more than 500 events, you should create and use a new message store to avoid possible corruption in your default message store.