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@pmarsh wrote:

I’ll try what you suggest but I think I’ve tweaked the IS a million times and I’ve got the latest drivers and firmware for the modem. I thought US robitic was the best modems one could buy but I guess I’m wrong. What is the best modem for use with winfax?

While I’ve got you do you know how to correct winfax margins? From what my customer is telling me faxes are sent out kicked over to the lefthand side of the page?


US Robotics are the most popular modems, not necessarily the best. They are fine for data, but can generally have some problems with WinFax PRO for faxing. This may not be the case with other software, they may be fine.

As for the best modem, I would suggest first some modem types to avoid:

1. USB type modems
2. Software driven type modems (often called WinModems)
3. Class 2.0 modems.

Best modems to use with WinFax PRO

Rockwell based chipset, external serial modems. Older brands such as Hayes, Supra work fine with WinFax PRO.

your performance may vary, some software driven modems work fine too depending if your PC is fast enough.

As for margins, well those are set within the application you are faxing from. Sometimes you’ll get margins moved over because of the difference in resolution when you switch to a 200×200 dpi printer driver. I usually suggest you preview your faxes to ensure you’re getting the results you want.