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I (carelessly) attempted to move my data folder from a client computer using the Maintanence Utility w/in WinFax Pro 10.02. All seemed to go well until I checked the logs and all the send and recieve messages were gone, as were my phonebook entries. All of them, POOF!

No, I didn’t make that all important backup before trying to move the folder (remember, I did say carelessly before). I was able to restore a backup of my phonebook that was dated 2002. That’s better than nothing if all else is gone.

I have a bunch of *.WFB files, but none that seem to have anything in them I tried, in vein, to use Symantec Tech Support, but after an hour on the phone with an Asian-Other male that I could not understand and who he thought had fixed my problem, I finally hung-up on him.

I need someone who knows their snot about WinFax, a wizard if you will, to lend their know-how to help me determine if I’ve lost the data or if it’s still recoverable or re-buildable.

My data files are still in the folder, I just lost the message stores of send and receive transactions and the phonebook entries.

If you can help, let me know.