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where you moving an existing WinFax data directory to another machine with WinFax?

Both WinFax machines have no data now?

Did you have multiple phonebooks, or a single phonebook? What was the name of the phonebook?

as for your logs, did you create “message store” folders or was it simply the “Send” and “Receive” logs?

WFB files are index files for logs and phonebooks, they are not the only files required to complete an entire log or phonebook. Phonebooks have several files, usually, it will be the name of the phonebook followed by the WFx file extension (wfb, wfx, wff etc.) the default phonebook is usually named “my-ph-bk”. If you created a new phonebook, it might have the unique name you gave it when you created it. Like “salesaccounts”

Logs use the same structure, the default log created by WinFax is called “status” so you’ll have several files with status.wfx, status.wfg, etc. If you created a “Message Store” which is basically another log structure , it would have the name you gave it when you created it.

The first step is to determine WHAT your logs are called and phonebooks are called.