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Have you tried importing data into a new message store?

Follow these steps to import logs or link to existing message stores:

In Message Manager, click Go, and then click Send log or Receive log.
Click the File menu, point to New, and then click Message Store. The New Message Store dialog box appears.
Type a name for the new message store, and click OK.
Click the File menu, point to Import, and click Log. The Import Log wizard appears.
Select the correct format for the message store or the log to import, and click Next.

NOTE: For WinFax PRO message stores, the file name corresponds to the name of the message store. For example, if the message store is called Sales in WinFax PRO, the file to import will be called Sales.wfb. The default message store in WinFax PRO is called Status.Wfb.

Click Select, select the message store or the log file to import, and then click Next.
Select the message store created in step 2, and click Finish. The information is imported.

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