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@John112233 wrote:

I found this too and did according to what they said.But it does not work at all.
Also,my winfax host is Windows 2000 professional.

Many steps you can not find at all on Windows 2000 professioanl.
Also,the third step: netsh–>firewall,and set service sth..they don’t work at all.

Please give me another solution for this.

Thanks a lot.


Windows 2000 doesn’t have the firewall, and those steps should only be done on Windows XP systems with SP2 installed (SP2 installs the firewall in Windows XP)

What is the IP of the Host system (Windows 2000)?
and the Client? (Windows XP SP2)

did you configure WinFax client to connect via an IP address (like or computer name like DELL2GHZ ?

How many machines are on your network? are you connected to a router/gateway? do you using wireless networking?

Does Windows file and printer sharing work with the Windows XP and Windows 2000 machines? can you transfer files back and forth between PCs? and/or print remotely from one computer to another (providing you have a printer installed on one of the machines)?

are both versions of WinFax the same version (10.02?) when you click Help, About.. in WinFax?