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I am able to ping the client from the host, and vice versa. I’m using the host’s computer name when I try to set up the client for sharing.

Try using the IP address instead. For example ,
Also the Host and Client should be a on the same subnet , for example if the host is then the clients should all be on the 192.168.0.x subnet
If your host is and your clients are 192.168.0.x then it may not work.

You should also temporarily disable the Windows Firewall while troubleshooting, and make sure you do not have any other type of fireware (hardware or software) active as this may cause problems.

My machines are on the same subnet, I disabled the Windows firewall, tried setting up the client using IP instead of computer name, and still no luck. I have no other firewall software installed.

are both machines Windows XP SP 2 with all security updates?