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Well, the first thing to check is your modem working properly in Windows at all? Make sure the modem is installed correctly first in Windows. HyperTerminal is a good way to test the modem to see if it is being recognized by Windows. If Windows can’t communicate with the modem , WinFax definately won’t be able to as well.

Here is a document from Symantec on how to test the modem using HyperTerminal:


check the AT+FCLASS=? commands, You should get something like 0,1 or 0,1,2 etc.

Once you’ve determine the modem works in Windows then continue on with installing WinFax in Safe Mode (see below)

Also — having the “WinFax” entry in the Add/Remove Programs after you’ve manually erased WinFax will not cause any problems , so I wouldn’t worry about that.

What I recommend is you install WinFax in safe mode, if this is possible. The modem will fail to be recognized in Safe mode, however, when you successfully install WinFax and then restart Windows you should be able to at least start up WinFax and then configure the modem successfully.

For Windows 2000 / XP

Click Start, and then click Shut Down.
Click Restart the Computer, and click Yes.
Press F8 when you see the following message:
Starting Windows…
A menu will appear.
Select Safe Mode, and press Enter. Windows will restart in Safe Mode.

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