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@maldonado wrote:

Distinctive ring does not work with windows XP PRO? Basically I need clients to fax me several pages of info a day and I will have them do it on my home line which is connected to my computer. But, if I’m on the phone I don’t want the fax to fail. How would I configure this to actually work the way I need it to? I thought about adding an additional line to my phone as a fax line but will it be recognized as a fax coming in or would I again need distinctive ring in which it doesn’t sound like that will work?? I may be better off purchasing a internet based fax service?? I don’t know what to do. Thanks for all of your help its truely appreciated. (I’m under the gun to have to figure this all out).


No, distinctive ring has been known NOT to work with Windows XP and WinFax. You can try, but it probably won’t work correctly.

Even if you did setup distinctive ring, it would not help you in what you want to accomplish. If you are on the phone (voice call) and sometime tries to send you a fax, it won’t get through (unless you hang up your call and allow the fax to be received) . Distincitive Ring does not give you a 2nd line, just a 2nd phone number that is really attached to your existing telephone number.

Adding an addition phone line might be expensive, an alternative is to get the FAX MAILBOX from Concord Fax. It allows anyone to fax you anytime, using a toll-free 1-800 number. You can then retrieve your faxes via Internet or WinFax anytime. I believe they charge $10.00 per month for this service, plus fax per page retreival fees. Check with them for specific details.