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Sorry for all the questions it just that there are so many variables!! What if, I added another phone line for WINFAX PRO to receive faxes only and it was an 800#. That 800 line would have to be the line plugged into my computer what would be the problem with that? Would I somehow be charged by using the internet (I use comcast broadband)?? I know with comcast your line is freed up but I’m not sure if it still “accesses” it, I would think so if it requires a phone line to run it. The other option is to go with an efax service but the service that I found that sounds good ($3.95 a month unlimited pages) does not have my local area code but the clients I sign on won’t necessarilly all be in my area code either so no matter what it will be a problem for atleast one of my clients. So since the efax service has a long distance number I can put call forwarding on my line and have them fax to me and I can forward the call to the efax number or if it will work I can put distinctive ring on only their faxes and have distinctive ring forward only those faxes to the efax service. I’m sure that won’t work either but its a thought. No matter what I think to do I seem to find a hitch somewhere, either that or I way overanalyze things!! I’m probably confusing you now! ha, ha, THanks for the input!!!!!