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@maldonado wrote:

I thought about adding a dedicated 800 fax number into the computer to receive faxes but if I send them through the computer that would also have to go over the 800 number, I was hoping I could receive on the 800 and send on my home number. I do have comcast, so I take it you can’t send through a comcast modem? It may be better to go with an efax service this is getting so complicated.

You need to have a fax modem installed in your PC for you to send and receive faxes with WinFax PRO. A Fax Modem is not the same as your Comcast Broadband modem for Internet. This modem is used to connect to the internet only, it cannot send regular faxes over the phone line.

Internet fax allows you to send a fax via the internet. With Internet fax you don’t need a “fax/modem” all you need is an internet connection. It is not the same as using WinFax because you are not actually sending the fax, you are simply sending the fax to someone else via the internet who uses a fax modem (connected to a phone line) to send the fax for you. Much like you walking to the local Kinko’s to send a fax. You pay them, They send it for you. Internet fax is the same thing, you use the internet to “send” the pages to someone who sends the fax for you. Of course this someone is a company that have this whole process automated so it is transparent & seamless to you. Companies like eFax, Concord Fax, etc. do this. With this type of service you don’t need a phone line and you can send and receive faxes as if you had a dedicated fax line.