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I think I’m being wishy washy, I am considering two options, or actually three to be specific.

1. e fax service
2. receive faxes through winfax
3. receive faxes through XP PRO direct

I think I have decided to not go through the e fax service. I just can’t decide if I should go through winfax or through XP PRO direct. The situation is I do medical billing and I would like the physicians to be able to fax me all the patient info to bill for them. My main purpose is to receive faxes but I will also send the occasional fax (which I heard in XP PRO and using winfax you can’t send faxes, only receive which I thought was odd). I want to get an 800# for faxing and a regular line in case a doctor is local I don’t want to be charged for them using the 800#. I would like to set it up so that I have two inbound fax #’s to receive faxes and send using my local number of course. Or the other option is to add the 800# to my local line but I don’t know if the phone company allows that or if it would even work in the way of setting up through the computer. Is this possible, and do I really need the winfax pro or is XP PRO fax feature going to suite my need? Sorry for all the questions I just don’t know what to do!!! Thanks again.