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Both WinFax PRO and Microsoft Fax (included with Windows XP) can send and receive faxes fine. I am not sure if Microsoft Fax will support more than 1 fax modem, so you may be limited to faxing on a single line.

The first thing to consider is the cost of the 2nd and 3rd phone lines. If you are going to setup a 1-800 number and a local phone line, you’ll end up paying for the installation of these two additional phone lines plus the monthly phone charges + the usage of the 1-800 toll free line. Your local phone company will be able to determine what this would cost. So I would contact them and find out if this possible first.

WinFax can do exactly what you need, but you have to consider you will need:

1) WinFax PRO software
2) Two fax modems installed and working on your PC
3) Two physical phone lines installed by your phone company.

If your concern is privacy and security , which may be a factor considering these are medical documents that are being sent/received then I recommend using WinFax and not an internet fax service.

Concord’s Fax Mailbox service is reliable as well. They offer a private 1-800 number for your clients to send faxes to. You then can use WinFax to retreive the faxes directly from your mailbox, so you wouldn’t need to install a 1-800 line from your phone company.