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I fear I have wasted a bit of your time by neglecting to say that I have already visited the symantec support database. By using some relevant search terms I did end up at this link, which gives some basic info about dealing with this kind of problem on windows 98. At the bottom there’s a link to the page you undoubtedly refer to with your statements about framedyn.dll

I have tried this (putting framedyn.dll at ‘WINNTSystem32’ ), but to no avail – the problem sadly remains. Because the problem I’m having is win2000 and the description of the problem said it should only pop up after installing service pack 1. Ofcourse, the change that brought this about might also have been implemented in a service pack or patch for windows 2000, but it doesn’t seem to be fixable in the same way.

Is there anything else you think might be worth giving a try? thanks!