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First of all: I have had no luck reinstalling just the system part of winfax

I was referring to the output problem, not the missing printer driver. Its possible that the output problem only occurs in the application you are using, and not other applications.

I have just tested with word; It prints just fine, though, one may argue that word might send the data to be printed as a single image, which doesn’t need any recalibrating. The program works a bit differently–
Consider the page to be printed a ‘canvas’ on which lines of text will be drawn. The location of such a line is defined by it’s starting coordinates; for example, a line may start at (1000,1000) which brings the start of the line 1000 pixels from the left and 1000 from the top.
The problem now, is caused by a difference between the size of this canvas reported at the start; consider the width and length of the document to be 2000×3000 pixels. if the document is spaced and lined out on this number, but it’s in reality a lot more, say 2000×6000 pixels, the distance between lines will be about twice as big, and the document now takes 2 pages to print.
Something like this is currently happening at the computer we are using.

Symantec claims incompatibility with Windows 2000 Advanced Server (they don’t recommend WinFax being used on it)

You are right, I was under the impression it was supposed to work because of this document. After a little querying on account of your post i found this
one, which indeed states this incompatibility/unrecommended situation. I can only hope this doesn’t make it unresolvable.

Does this app have to run on the server? have you tried using it on another test machine to see if you get similar results?

It has run successfully on both windows xp (after some tweaking on the timing) and windows 98 (winfax 9) in the past.

At this moment, there is no computer available which can be accustomed to this task. If the problem persists, this might be the course of action to take. It’s either that, or looking for another faxing solution with scripting posibilities.

At this moment, I’m trying to solve the problem by modifying the program to use a fixed size for the canvas. It’s less generic code, but it should do the trick for this specific problem. The fact that the ‘printer’ is gone at every restart would ofcourse not be solved by this.