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The WinFax Service is what is active when you log off Windows. The service must be set to Automatic, and started.
You can confirm this setting in the Control Panel Administrative Tools, Services.

The service is located here:

The WinFax service only has the ability to send (whatever items are already in the outbox) and receive faxes while logged off, it does not notify other clients of a fax received nor does it automatically print faxes you’ve received etc.

As for the lock up, I’d try rebuilding the log files (using the Maintenance Tool in WinFax PRO). If that doesn’t work, you may want to move the log files completely and have WinFax recreate a new log structure. This will delete all your entries in the send, receive and outbox folders. The log structure files start with the name STATUS (status.wfb, status.wfx etc.)

Here is the On-Line help entry about the WinFax Service:

The WinFax PRO NT/2000/XP service allows you to receive incoming faxes and schedule faxes to be sent when you are logged out of Windows NT/2000/XP. You do not need this service to use WinFax when you are logged onto Windows NT/2000/XP.

By default, the Setup program installs the Windows NT/2000/XP service when it detects you are using Windows NT/2000/XP 4.0. This service loads automatically whenever you start Windows NT/2000/XP. If you have power-user or administrative privileges, you can start or stop the NT/2000/XP service from the Windows Control Panel if necessary.

To use the Windows NT/2000/XP service, you must:

1. load the Windows NT/2000/XP service (loads automatically when you start Windows NT/2000/XP)

2. enable automatic reception in Message Manager or in the Controller

3. enable Send And Receive Faxes When Logged Off (start Program Setup and double click Call Status And Controller)

If you are using the Windows NT/2000/XP service and you want to be notified of new faxes you receive when you are logged out, enable Notify in the Receive Properties dialog (start Program Setup, double click Receive, and then click the After Receive tab).