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Thank you for your prompt reply. All my settings seem correct.

I found that if I disable the wfxsvc service, I can log out and back in no problem – the controller seems fine. If I set the service to auto, log out and log back in, winfax locks up when I log back in. Rebuilding didn’t help.

So I renamed all 7 “Status.*” files to status1.* & rebooted. The controller starts up fine. The service starts fine, and I can log out and log back in without a lock up, with the service running, which is good.

However, since I renamed all the status files, the Outbox, Send Log, Receive Log and Wastbasket have all disappeared completely. Winfax did not recreate these files. Winfax does try to answer calls, even when I’m logged off, which is good, but Winfax doesn’t like this too much because there are no folders to put anything in and I get some “can’t find file” errors.

If I restore all the status files back to their original name, I get the same problem again.

The answer to my problem seems to be with 1 or more of these “status” files. I don’t have any user data worth saving, so is there something I can do with these status files that will give me a clean slate, so to speak.

Thank you in advance.

Gary Reid