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Since my last post, I went to the Symantec site to lean how to recreate status/log files from scratch, which I did, and now I’m back to square 1.

The host can’t receive when logged off & when I do log back on, Winfax stops responding. Got to use the Task Manager to kill it.

Funny thing is, when the status files didn’t exist at all, Winfax at least attemped to answer calls after I logged off (although unsuccessfully do to the “missing files”), and when I did log back on, the controller came right up (again, with some missing file errors).

There is something about those status files. You can’t tell what’s in these files or the purpose.

Could this have something to do with the “user” that installed Winfax and the current user being different? All users have admin privilages.

Sure appreciate your help.

Gary Reid