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Out of town for a week… You asked about active applications/processes in the Task Manager.

(1) Upon boot, the application winfaxmod is running. Processes are wfxsvc, wfxsnt40 & wfxmod32. This all seems right.

When I start the controller, the above are running, plus the wfxctl32. This also seems right.

When I stop the controller, I have the wfxsvc & wfxsnt40 only, which makes sense.

(2) I can receive after boot & before log on. After log on, I can receive before I even start the controller (didn’t know I could do that). If I log back off – without starting the controller – I can receive.

If I do start the controller, I can receive. But if I log off & on, the controller & Message Manager freeze, requiring a reboot.

I also noticed that I can use the Task Manager to manually start & stop WinfaxMod – as long as the controller hasn’t been run yet.

(3) I am assuming that after you boot, winfaxmod is loaded prior to log on. And it stays running until you stop the controller.

When you stop the controller winfaxmod is unloaded. When you log off, what happens to winfaxmod? When the service takes over, does winfaxmod get reloaded? It appears it isn’t.

(4) Regarding the Symdiag Debug Mode, it seems this only logs activity when the controller is running. My problem is after the controller closes, so this log didn’t shed any light on the problem. Everything in the log looked normal.

(5) Could this be a permission issue? I have Winfax sharing enabled (which works fine), but I noticed the permissions for the above files vary from one machine to another. What should the permissions be for these files?

(6) In summary, everything works fine, but I can’t log off & back on – Winfax freezes.

Thanks again,
Gary Reid