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This is an automated process in a certain sense. In the FMPro application each client is one master record with many sub-master or sibling records( a one to many relationship.)

Sibling records maybe faxed, with the specific record selected, a fax will be sent to that location, then another sibling record, of the same Master, is selected with a different fax number is sent. All fax numbers are stored in the database.

Once the fax is selected, and send fax in the FMPro database is clicked, the FMPro application will create and queue the fax into the WinFaxPro client, which in turn sends this fax to the host.

Each fax can be up to 4 page long excluding the cover.

We can send up to 125 faxes per week, but the average is 75.

The clean up has been over 30 days. However the problem has returned after each clean up.

Hope this helps.