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In response the application FileMaker Pro uses Send Fax plugin. In the total process, as I understand, it goes like this: Within the FileMaker application, a fax is generated in a PDF format. Send Fax plugin ties this to WinFax Pro 10.03 and WinFax Pro faxes the information. There is a preset delay of 5 minutes between faxes and WinFax Pro queue’s these faxes. That is the entire process.

An example of what happens is where a fax, say (925)444-4444 is sent correctly, then at some point another fax is sent with the number (925)555-5555, but it picks up the 444-4444 number and sends the fax.

I am trying to understand why and where this takes place, in the application or WinFax Pro.

I now have rebuilt the database in WinFax Pro.

I hope all this helps.