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@MistrHappy wrote:

I had previously tried 10.03 via the document you linked without success. (Which is why I then went to 10.04) As far as the security settings, they were originally set to default but when that did not work, I disabled the firewall completely, again, without success. I have also created the accounts of all PCs as administrators (not a great security practice) on the server. (Is there any special directory where I could/should enable sharing?) While I did not run the wtnsetup.exe file on all clients, on the 5 that I did, it was not successful so I did not bother with the remaining clients. Also, am I correct to assume that the differences in the versions of the oleaut32.dll file is no longer a significance as it was on previous versions?

Disabling the Firewall does not solve the problem with 10.03. Did you also perform the steps that allow the Anonymous Logon using DCOM (as outlined in the Windows XP SP2 document) ?