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on this machine, it was the client.. so having been close before, I uninstalled winfax again.. rebooted the client and then reinstalled winfax.. this time it connected as it should and after the second and third reboots, almost all seems fine.. One strange thing has now happened.. on the first re-install and things appeared OK, the active phone book was linked and available for use.. after the second re-install and the mutliple reboots, the connection continued to work so the exercise of linking the active phonebook as attempted.. it appears to accept all until I click on Finish.. oops.. sorry that phone book is already linked and it will not allow me to re-link it. There must be a control file/entry somewhere that is stopping this from happening.. please give some direction on resolving this one. Once this is working well, I can replicate the process on my second XP machine.. Thanks in advance.