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Ok, the first check is can you ping the IP address from client to the host machine.

From the WinFax directory, double-click the WFXPING.EXE file and try to ping the Host machine.
Type the IP address and PING, also try selecting the computer name and PING.

If that works, the next step is to ensure both the Host and Client(s) are using the same version of WinFax. Click Help, About in WinFax to determine the version.

If you are using Windows XP (SP2) on the Host and/or any of the clients, you need to perform the steps to enable Fax Host sharing as outlined by Symantec. See this document:

NOTE: Do not install WinFax PRO 10.04 unless you already have version 10.03. Version 10.03 is not available via LiveUpdate, and is available from Symantec directly.

Next, reboot the Host machine and run “wtnsetup.exe” from the WinFax directory. This will reconfigure your fax devices.
Do the same with the client machine.

These steps should work fine for WinFax PRO 9.0x, TalkWorks PRO 3.0, and WinFax PRO 10.0x