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I found these suggestions on another Web site, not sure if any of these suggestions work but you might want to take a look at them…

I have been extremely frustrated (to say the least) by Symantec’s obvious lack of support for WinFax.

I have tried every possible combination of fixes, as most of you have, and found the following:

I updated to ver 10.04.

I followed every step of symantec’s Doc ID 2004071911425704 re:Fax Sharing client cannot connect to host after installing Windows XP SP2.

And what I believe to be the true solution on my network was simply to open port 1090 on the local subnet in Norton Antivirus’ Internet Worm Protection (or Zone Alarm, or other firewall) on the host computer. Prior to doing this, I couldn’t get past the RPC error messages, no matter how my network was configured.

I have not altered my original network configuration in any other way, other than to change that one port setting, and it has worked the way it should.


I have found solution for WINFax10 network user access issues.
You do not need to create separate accounts or give admin rights to the users on the WINFAX Host PC.Just add the user under the Component Services,My Computer Properties described in the Symantec work around articles.I created a group and gave the group access under Com Security Access Permissions.Click the edit default Security add your group with remote access.Do the same for Launch and Activation Permissions and viola any user in your group can access the Host machine for faxing without full admin rights on the XP machine.You also need to follow this process on the client pc and give full rights to the C:program fileswinfax directory for access to the client software without admin rights