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Here’s what I tried for my new xp sp2 machine with the security issue.
I directly installed the patch 10.04 right after the 10.03 installation into my new xp sp2 machine Then I got the security error. I tried and tried again with unstall and install(winfax 10.03 and 10.04)…still no luck..
Then I started to examine back and forth if there is any difference firewall, security setting between my old sp2 xp window. I noticed that there are couple things that the new xp machine didnt go with such as the remote setting, anonymous setting etc

So I unstalled the winfax pro from the new machine and then put it back with only winfax pro 10.03. Carefully followed the guidelines from symantec. i.e. modification of firewall remote and anonymous user. Ding ding…..
Everything back on the track then.

So I suspected that there are still different factory security setting for XP windows….

And that also explains why some ppl have winfax connections error and some ppl doesnt…

Hope this help…