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@thomas64 wrote:

Isn’t it in conflict with the sense of “fax-sharing”. Even if I’m logged in on the server machine I don’t need fax-sharing, because I can use WinFax directly.

Not sure what you mean here, yes you can use WinFax directly on any of the client machines providing you have a local modem. None of the client machines will see the WinFax Host machine, because the WinFax Controller is not active and you are not logged on.

So I’m searching for a way to use faxsharing without being logged on on the server-machine.
I tried to load wfxctl32.exe as a service. As you know you can load every program as a service by using the W2K Server Ressource Kit (instsrv/srvany). It seems like it wouldn’t work out, as it comes up with an error-message after startup. But when I logged on and check the prozesses in TaskManager, I found the wfxctl32.exe up and running (and no icon in the systray because I removed the entry in the startup folder before). What I expect is, that the error message comes up because I start the services in the wrong sequence. Do you have any experience with that?

No, I don’t have any experience with that. Symantec’s developers created a service specifically for WinFax, its started automatically from C:WINNTsystem32WFXSVC.EXE (for Windows 2000/NT, and usually C:WINDOWS for New XP installs)
The problem is the service isn’t enough to allow for Fax Sharing, you need the Controller. Starting the Controller as a service won’t work, its been tried before.

Helpful would also be a list of parameters to use with wfxctl32.exe. The Controller uses “-StartupGroup” by default and I read about “-fx” in another thread. Maybe there are some more parameters to use with the controller, but nothing to be found in the programs help.

I don’t have any list of parameters for wfxctl32.exe , sorry.

Later I found out, that there is another program (wfxsnt40.exe) which is startet by a registry entry in the “RUN” section of HKLM/…./CurrentVersion/Run. Can you explain what this program does? Maybe I’ve to start this program also as a service and determine the sequence like that: “the original WinFaxService” >> wfxsnt40.exe >> wfxctl32.exe. This should be possible, als long as you can define dependencies on each service.

wfxsnt40.exe is the “port starter” it just allows WinFax to communicate with the printer driver to print from any application. It is used in Windows NT based machines only.

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