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Hi again,

Isn’t it in conflict with the sense of “fax-sharing”. Even if I’m logged in on the server machine I don’t need fax-sharing, because I can use WinFax directly.

Not sure what you mean here, yes you can use WinFax directly on any of the client machines providing you have a local modem. None of the client machines will see the WinFax Host machine, because the WinFax Controller is not active and you are not logged on.

sorry for my bad english. I hope I can explain what I meant.
Typically a server provides services in a LAN. Normally there is no need to log on to use the provided services, like fileserver, printserver, database server and so on. And exactly thats what I expect from a faxsharing host. Perhaps there could be such administration software to determine, which user(s) or groups of users are allowed to use winfax. But the need that someone must be logged in (and hopefully has locked the desktop if he doesn’t work) on a server machine, looks not very professional to me. In practice: if I want to use Winfax from the notebook (WinXP) – I’ve to go to the server – log on – go back to my notebook and fax (?). Yes, I can also use the remote desktop to log in, but is this realy the way such a software should work? And in that case, I logged on (which way ever) on the server, why should I now use faxsharing when I’ve the WinFax Software right in front of me (on the server I just logged in). And on the other hand, imagine the server reboots automatically because of installing some patches (may sometimes happen ;-)). As long as nobody is logged in (sorry but I don’t want my kids logged in on the server) faxsharing isn’t available from the other machines???? Sorry but I can’t belive that.
However, many thanks for your realy helpful answers.