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I understand, that is how Fax Sharing should work, but it doesn’t work that way. WinFax with fax sharing is not a fax server, its capabilities are limited.

I tried to find some sort of reference to the Log-on issue from Symantec’s Web site, but it doesn’t seem to have any information stating you have to be logged on to use Fax Sharing.

I did find the following in the WinFax PRO on-line help…

Run-time requirements

To use the Message Sharing feature the following conditions must be met on both the Message Sharing Host station and Message Sharing Client station:

-Windows must be running and the station must be logged onto (we recommend that you start the Message Sharing Host before you start the Message Sharing Client stations)
-Controller must be running

-automatic reception must be enabled

Security on Message Sharing Host

The Message Sharing Host station must be running and logged onto at all times. To maximize security, you can lock the Message Sharing Host workstation if you are running under Windows NT. You can do this by holding down the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys and clicking the Lock Workstation button. To unlock the machine, simply re-enter your Windows password when prompted.

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