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@Moderator wrote:

Hello John, thanks for the informative posting.

Just curious, on the Host machine, if you go back to Section 6, item 9 and turn off Local Launch , Remote Launch, and Local Activation (and only have Remote Activation) enabled. Does it fail again with the Access Denied Message? and does Windows XP Event Viewer log the same error message?

You’re welcome! I sure am hopeful that this works for others… and anxious to start hearing back their results.

Interesting… I went back to the host and turned those items off as you requested… then I did the following tests:

1) Just loaded the Controller at the client: It still worked at the client.

2) Unloaded the Controller at the client; Disabled the Sharing Client; Exited setup; Re-enabled Sharing Client: It still worked.

Does this behavior provide any further insight to a quicker/easier fix than that outlined by Symantec?