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As soon as I reversed the settings back to the default SP2 security settings, following Symantec’s “Part 1: Ensuring that the computer is using the dafualt security settings” on the host machine, the client machine can no longer connect. Now the message says:
Winfax PRO is unable to connect to the Host station called … . Make sure that an account has been created for you on the host station (using the same name/password used to login on your client station)
On the host station it is not setup so that it requires a password.
Since nothing changed in Winfax from the time when it could connect with the relaxed SP2 security settings, to when it can no longer connect and the only change is the XP firewall settings, the message that I am getting really doesn’t accurately point to the problem, it just knows that it can’t connect but it doesn’t know why. I have not reversed the changes in the client, but I don’t think it will matter, I think the firewall security settings of the host continue to be the problem, so there is probably no reason to.
My question continues to be: does anyone have a XP SP2 network running 10.04 with the default security firewall settings in which Winfax works without a glitch?
Can you add see any reason why it would do this? Should I just go back to the settings that John Nadeau proposed.