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Yes, however with XP you can’t really deinstall/reinstall TCP/IP. All you can do is reset it with NETSH. I’ve done that to no avail. Currently, after I deinstalled everything, then reinstalled 10.03 and 10.04, whenever I start the computer I get the setup script for CSID and the user info. I fill it out but it keeps asking each time I startup. Also, whenever I go to setup the client for fax sharing I get the TCP/IP Not Installed message. This is before I even get the chance to specify the fax server. I’ve read through all the great posts on the GetFaxing forums plus anything I could find at Symantec and Google and I’m stumped.

I’ve tried a couple of network fax systems but they really suck! Waaaay to complex for me. I just want a simple system (like Winfax was) to work with one phone line on one machine. I curse Microsoft (for SP2) and Symantec (for buying and dropping Winfax).