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I renamed both registry keys then rebooted. The computer hung for a LONG time upon startup and a couple of apps complained about Winsock2 not being installed. After if finally came up, I check regedit and the Winsock2 key was rebuilt but the Winsock key was not. After a few reboots with the same results, I renamed both OLDs back to the originals and rebooted but the computer still hung (about 5 minutes to see desktop) and complained about Winsock2 missing. I had no Internet connectivity on that machine. On another machine I found a utility on the web called WinsockXPFix.exe and (thru the network) ran it from the damaged PC. It DID fix the problem and it now boots fine again. However, Winfax still complains about the TCP/IP problem when I try to config the fax sharing client.