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Hey there! I’m having similar problems (except all my pc’s are running WinXP sp2). I am able to ping to the workstation I set up as the WinFax Server (host) using either WinFax or the IP address. I can even map a drive to the shared program filesWinFax directory from ANY of the other client workstations. But when I try to connect… I get the following:

WINFAX PRO FAX SHARING CLIENT: WinFax Pro is unable to connect to the WinFax Pro Host station called WINFAX. Make sure an account has been created for you on the host station (using the same name/password used to login on your client station).

I created the same user ID’s and passwords on the HOST that the users use to access the SmallBusinessServer. I started out giving them PowerUser access and then Administrator access rights on the HOST pc. Still doesn’t work.

Once I logon to the client workstation, launch WinFax Pro Message Manager to try and reconfigure the naming convention for the HOST (either using the host name or IP Address), I get the following error:

Setup cannot connect to WinFax PRO on winfax (Reason: Access is denied). Check that this is the correct host name.

Any suggestions? By the way…. I’ve already updated both the host and clients to 10.04. I’m stumped…….


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