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Log on with Administrative rights to the local computer.
Click Start.
Point to Find, then choose Files or Folders. The Find dialog box appears.
Choose the drive on which you installed WinFax PRO from the Look In drop-down list.
In the Named field, type regacces and then click Find Now. Windows will find and display all instances of Regacces.
Double-click REGACCES. The WinFax Shared Settings Permissions dialog box appears.
Click Add.
Add the users to whom you wish to grant access to WinFax PRO or TalkWorks PRO, and then click OK.
Click OK.
Restart Windows NT and log on as the user who wants to use WinFax PRO/TalkWorks PRO.

Should not matter which version 10.0, 10.01, 10.02, 10.03 or 10.04 for Fax Sharing. However, I would recommend 10.04 on all Windows XP machines