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@mikeschmitt wrote:

We have a network with 3 PCS all running Windows XP (2 with SP1 and 1 with SP2). We installed Winfax 10.03 on both the SP1 systems. It is going great. One system is the host and the other system is a client. However, we ran into some issues with the SP2 system. I read that SP2 doesn’t work with WinFax 10.03. I uninstalled SP2 inorder to install 10.03, but when I select Fax Sharing Client and it prompts me to configure a new connection it says that TCP/IP is not installed. Whats weird is that the Internet is working as well as the network and when I look under the network properties I see TCP/IP installed. Any ideas how I could fix this?

Also, I was wondering if I update 10.03 to 10.04 on the old SP2 machine, will I have to update all the other systems to 10.04? Does the host and clients need to have the same version of WinFax in order to work?

Thank you in advance

You can also try removing and re-adding TCP/IP in Windows.
I’ve found this works, in another case I had to remove some specific TCPIP registry entries, remove and then re-add TCP/IP in Windows and then it worked.
If you need the specific TCP/IP entries in the registry where WinFax checks, I can look that up for you.