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You shouldn’t have to make any changes on the Windows 2000 clients at all, only if there is a firewall on the Windows 2000 systems do you require to make an exception rule for “wfxctl32.exe”.

You need to ensure that your clients on Windows 2000 are all using the same version installed on the Windows XP Host. In your setup, They should all be at version 10.02

Since you’ve probably already followed the steps correctly, what I’d suggest is to check for DCOM related problems on the Host. Start Windows XP’s Event Viewer prior to starting WinFax PRO. Then , start WinFax PRO Controller (Make sure Host Sharing is enabled, if it is not, turn it on and restart WinFax) You can tell WinFax is setup as a Host by the yellow controller having a network connection icon. Refresh the Event Viewer (System Log) and check logs for any DCOM Error Messages with a Red “X”
Do you get any errors ? If so, what are they?
More info on Event Viewer usage here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308427