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Yes, there is a desktop firewall (Outpost Pro) on the Win2000 clients – but, there is already a suitable rule in place from the previous set-up. When we replaced the host system, we made sure that the IP address (and even the machine name) was identical to what the old one was. (We first removed the old machine from the domain’s Active Directory, to make sure that there were no problems introducing the new unit [smile].)

Thanks for the tips regarding looking for DCOM errors. When no red flags turned up, I started to really scratch my head. Then, it struck me that there was another test I could perform. I tried faxing (from a client) using an Admin account – and it worked! Ah ha – now I knew I had a security/permissions problem.

I went back and reviewed everything – again. It seems that, for some reason, step 4.8 of the Symantec KB article had not “stuck”. I know I did it, because I have a check-mark beside each of the sub-steps on my printout (and I’m careful about those things). But, alas, the “Remote Access” option was _not_ ticked for the ANONYMOUS LOGON within the Access Permissions on the COM Security tab on the host.

I changed that, and tried again (with a normal, non-Admin account) … and there are encouraging indications of progress, but I’m not out of the woods yet. ???

When trying to fax from a client (non-Admin), I now get the following message:

WinFax PRO is unable to connect to the WinFax PRO Host station called Make sure an account has been created for you on the host station (using the same name/password used to login on your client station).

Hmmm. This environment is part of a domain – where there is a single/central server, which runs Active Directory, MS Exchange, etc. There are ~35 users in the domain – 5 of whom are set up with WinFax on their (Win2000) workstations. The WinFax Host is on a sort of “butler” box which is unattended; it is there specifically to provide the WinFax hosting service and a couple of other similar/centralized services. It is running XP SP2 – it is *not* a full server.

Given that the user accounts already exist in the domain, and that the WinFax Host system is already a member of the domain … I’m not sure how I would go about creating the users accounts on the system itself. Is it really necessary to create local machine accounts on the host which are essentially “duplicates” of the domain accounts? That doesn’t really “smell” right to me. Do the approprite domain user accounts perhaps need to be made members of the local machine Power Users group on the Host? It’s just a thought – and if that’s what it takes to resolve this issue, I would be willing to make that compromise. But, if you’ve run into this issue before, and there is a better or more appropriate solution, that would certainly be fine too.

Any (more) words of wisdom will (still) be greatly apprecaited! 🙂